7 Signs That You’re Stressed

Are you stressed?

Stress went into overdrive in 2020. According to one report, 78 percent of Americans said that COVID is a significant source of stress. Nearly seven in 10 Americans feel over-stressed or higher levels of stress during the pandemic. [1]

A certain amount of stress is healthy. When you’re having a challenging work day or someone cuts you off in traffic, the body releases stress hormones that make you more alert. These reactions allow you to handle stressful situations.

However, when the stress response stays on when the body no longer needs it, a damaging kind of stress called chronic stress can result. [2]

During the stress response, the adrenal glands secrete cortisol. This stress hormone should do its job and calm down. Feeling frequently stressed can keep cortisol levels high when they shouldn’t be.

As a result, your adrenal glands can become overworked. High cortisol levels also interfere with other hormones that regulate your appetite, sleep, happiness, and more.

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