Essential Wellness Chiropractic: Health And Lifestyle

What is wellness? It's a feeling of physical and mental well-being. In today's world, with everything going on in the media, people suffer from chronic stress and anxiety more than ever before. This can lead to different health problems, including weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and depression. 

Achieving wellness at any stage in life is possible by modifying your lifestyle through chiropractic care. Many people are unaware. However, chiropractic is a health-care approach that offers much more than a pain-relieving remedy. Essential wellness chiropractic is a way of life that includes exercise, diet, self-growth, and stress alleviation, among other things.

What is An Essential Wellness Chiropractic?

Patient undergoing a gentle wellness chiropractic treatment in a serene clinic, focusing on holistic health.

An essential part of wellness is chiropractic care. Chiropractors are more than just back specialists; they can help with a wide range of health issues and make adjustments to improve the quality and length of your life.

➡️Family health 

➡️Injury prevention 

➡️Postural correction 

➡️Nutritional guidance 

➡️And many other benefits!

It means that you need to walk upright without feeling pain from your back or neck, and it includes being free from the effects of stress on body functions like blood pressure and heart rate. The most important thing we can do for our well-being is to take care of our spines. That's where everything starts in the human anatomy and physiology system. We have all heard about how different parts of our bodies are interconnected through nerve pathways - so what happens to one area can affect other areas of our body.

How do I Find the Best Care for Myself?    

Person diligently researching healthcare options with a laptop and medical resources at a desk, symbolizing informed healthcare decision-making.

The most significant thing is that you are comfortable with your doctor, but a few questions will make it simpler to narrow down which one may be right for you.

  1. Do they take insurance, or does their office provide payment plans?
  1. What kind of hours does the practice keep in terms of scheduling appointments?
  1. Does he/she offer monthly specials on specific services (especially if it's something like acupuncture)? How much is this service typically without insurance coverage? If not offered at all, how common would someone need to get treatment before getting a discount?
  1. Is there a certain service that interests me more than others? 
  1. What is his/her educational background, and how many years of experience do they have in this field? 
  1. How much does he/she charge for an initial visit, follow-up visits, or office visits generally speaking (if not provided)? 
  1. Do you offer student discounts? If so, what are the conditions to get one, and will I be charged less if it's with my parents' insurance coverage instead of mine as a soon-to-be college graduate?

If, after talking about these questions with your potential new doctor, your gut feeling still doesn't feel right, keep looking until you find someone who makes your body and mind feel at home.

What Does a Chiropractor do?

Chiropractor demonstrating spinal adjustment on a model in a modern clinic, educating about chiropractic procedures.

A chiropractor is an expert in health and wellness who helps patients with pain relief by strategically adjusting the spine, which can often reduce stress from physical ailments. They are specially trained to determine how your spine affects other parts of your body, such as joints, muscles, organs, and more. By using modern technology like X-rays, also help diagnose problems that may be causing you discomfort. 

If it's determined that there is a problem with another part of the patient's anatomy, a referral will be given to see someone else for treatment. The goal is to make sure their holistic approach tackles all aspects of one person's health. Chiropractors treat a wide variety of injuries and ailments, including but not limited to back pain, headaches, neck or shoulder pain, pregnancy-related problems (including pelvic misalignment). They are also experts in sports injury management, including sports rehabilitation and prevention techniques for athletes from all levels. 

What are the Benefits of Receiving Regular Adjustments?

Relaxed patient undergoing a chiropractic spinal adjustment in a calming clinic environment, showcasing the benefits of regular care.

Regular adjustments can relieve chronic aches and pains that may have been present for many years or just developed over time. They also promote overall essential wellness chiropractic by reducing stress levels in your life which is necessary for strengthening an optimal quality of life on all levels. Regular maintenance checks will keep your nervous system functioning, so there will be less chance for accidents (e.g., falls) later in life due to structural problems in the spine that were not detected early on. We want people to know about our clinic and how important it is to have regular maintenance checks on your spine so there will be less chance for falls later in life.

How to Know When it's Time for a Routine Spinal Checkup?

Individual marking a calendar for a routine spinal checkup, emphasizing the importance of regular chiropractic appointments.

Some people think that the only reason for a chiropractic visit is when they're in pain. However, there are numerous reasons why you might want to see your chiropractor regularly- such as headaches or soreness from exercise or repetitive motions at work - and these can be warning signs of more severe problems down the road.

What Should I Expect During my First Appointment? 

First-time patient receiving an informative consultation from a chiropractor in a professional clinic, with a demonstration using a spine model.

The initial consultation of essential wellness chiropractic includes taking X-rays so we can see what's going on with your spine. We'll also ask about any complaints you have. We may do some physical examinations to rule out other causes of the pain or discomfort unrelated to spinal issues. We will then evaluate all of our findings in more detail to figure out a course of treatment options for you.

What Will Happen During a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Patient undergoing a precise chiropractic adjustment in a clean and professional clinic, with a focus on spinal alignment.

Your adjustments may be gentle (like muscle cramps) or more intense, depending on what is needed to relieve pressure from joints and muscles around your spine. Drs. Ed and Sandie McCuiston use their hands and any necessary tools, including heat packs, electric stimulation devices, traction tables, belts, and braces when they're needed to adjust the spine, extremities, and other joints.

What Should I Expect During my Follow-up Appointment? 

Patient in a collaborative discussion with a chiropractor during a follow-up appointment, focusing on treatment progress.

This is just like at an annual checkup. It usually involves doing X-rays again and checking how far along your recovery process has come since your last visit. This time around, however, there are no doubt some improvements and changes being made based on everything discussed at the previous appointment! Your chiropractor in Shelby Township, MI, will also discuss any new symptoms that have arisen since your last visit.

How Does the Treatment Feel?

Patient showing signs of comfort and relief during a gentle chiropractic adjustment in a calming clinic environment.

Chiropractic adjustments are very gentle, often painless, and non-invasive. You may feel a brief sensation of pressure or tugging as Dr. Ed or Dr. Sandie McCuiston adjusts your spine! Most patients report feeling relaxed after an adjustment because it removes the stressors that contribute to their health challenges in the first place.

Is it Safe to Have an Adjustment During Pregnancy or While Breastfeeding?

Pregnant or breastfeeding woman discussing the safety of chiropractic adjustments with a reassuring chiropractor in a well-informed clinic setting.

Yes. Chiropractic adjustments are safe for everyone, including pregnant and breastfeeding moms! Some of the benefits for pregnant moms include increased circulation, improved posture, and decreased back pain during pregnancy and childbirth.

What About My Newborn? 

Newborn baby receiving a gentle and safe chiropractic assessment in a child-friendly clinic environment.

Newborns can receive chiropractic adjustments as well! Drs. Ed and Sandie McCuiston will help ensure your baby is positioned in a healthy way to avoid future health problems or issues that may arise with improper positioning. Consultations are quick and easy, so you can bring your little one right along on your wellness journey.

What Can I Expect After a Chiropractor Appointment With Dr. Ed and Dr. Sandie McCuiston? 

Content patient leaving the clinic of Dr. Ed and Dr. Sandie McCuiston, feeling revitalized post-chiropractic appointment.

Patients often feel immediate relief following their appointments due to the decreased pressure from bones rubbing together or joint restriction previously present before Dr. Ed or Dr. Sandie McCuiston adjusted them at Touch of Life Chiropractic.

➡️Patients may also experience feeling refreshed and reenergized, as their body has had enough time to heal from the spine being straightened during an adjustment. 

➡️Some patients have even said that they feel taller! This is because we can remove any pressure on nerves and muscles in our spine when it's out of alignment. 

➡️You'll likely notice improved posture after treatment for your back pain or neck stiffness which will help you sleep better at night.

➡️The discomfort you felt before treatment should be gone or significantly decreased following chiropractic care by Drs. Ed and Sandie McCuiston with Touch of Life Chiropractic. Allowing yourself to recover fully without experiencing chronic pain can take some time, but we'll work with you to get the best findings possible!


Wellness is a lifestyle. It's not just about where you live, what you eat, or how much time you spend in the gym. Your wellness habits can be improved by making adjustments to your environment and taking care of yourself both mentally and physically through wellness chiropractic services like Touch of Life Chiropractic has provided for years. 

To learn more about why these holistic health practices are so important, contact us today at (586) 532-5433! We're always pleased to answer any questions that come up from our readers on social media or via email at


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